Ann Kananu sworn in as the 3rd governor Nairobi city county

Ann Kananu Mwenda has this morning 16th November 2021 been sworn in as the 3rd governor for Nairobi city county. The swearing ceremony was conducted by the Chief Justice Martha Koome at the KICC grounds. The swearing-in came after the high court dismisses the former Governor Mike Sonko’s case setting stage for Ann Kananu to be sworn in. Mike Sonko was impeached in December 2020 by the senate on the grounds of gross misconduct and corruption cases.

Mike Sonko had ran the county affairs by himself when the deputy governor Polycarp Igathe resigned citing frustrations from governor Sonko. Polycarp Igathe resigned as the deputy governor in 2018 and Mike Sonko ran the county affairs himself. He appointed Ann Kananu Mwenda as the deputy governor nominee and during his time of impeachment, Ann was the nominee for the deputy governor position. Sonko went court to appeal for his impeachment alleging that the law was not followed during his impeachment. The court upheld the impeachment in June 2021 and gave a green light for the vetting of Ann Kananu Mwenda by the county assembly.

The tag of war and corruption cases in the county assembly made President Uhuru Kenyatta to form Nairobi Metropolitan Services(NMS) and appoints General Mohamed Badi, a military to head the services alongside county affairs. He appointed the general to reinforce and steer the county services that had stalled for a while.

Mike Sonko took the case to court again to stop the swearing in of Ann as the Nairobi deputy governor. The case was heard in October 2021 and the court okays Anna Kananu swearing-in and today 16th November 2021 Ann kananu Mwenda has been sworn in as the 3rd Nairobi city county. During the swearing-in, Ann promised to cushion Nairobi residents from the challenges of Covid-19 “During my tenure, I will cushion Nairobi residents from the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic” Ann said.

Ann Kananu sworn in as the 3rd governor Nairobi city county
Ann Kananu during the swearing-in

She also highlighted some of the work she has done “I recently signed into law the Sexual Gender based violence bill whose overall is to accelerate towards elimination of all forms of gender based violence in Nairobi County. I want to appreciate President Uhuru Kenyatta for his efforts he has made to restore the City’s glory”. She is expected to work closely with NMS General Badi who heads the Nairobi Metropolitan Services(NMS).

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