Ann Waiguru: I’ve been sidelined in Mashujaa Day celebrations

Kirinyaga Governor Hon. Waiguru has come to expressed her concerns in the preparation of Mashujaa day celebrations. Mashujaa day celebrations is slated to happen in Wanguru stadium Kirinyaga county on 20th October 2021. Mashujaa day is celebrated on every 20th of October to honor and celebrate the heroes and heroines who contributed to the struggle of the independence of Kenya or contributed in every other positive way after independence. It is celebrated as a public holiday.

Normally this is the arrangement of the national government to decide which county will host the national celebration. Therefore, Interior Ps Karanja Kibicho has been given the mandate to coordinate the event preparations and on top of it he comes from Kirinyaga county. Lately, he has been seen holding rallies across the county with Kirinyaga women rep Purity Ngirici and this is reported has angered Hon. Ann Waiguru on what could be their motive.

Ann Waiguru: I've been sidelined in Mashujaa Day celebrations

Inside sources pointed that Dr. Karanja Kibicho is eyeing for the governorship with Purity Ngirici as his deputy governor to oust incumbent Ann Waiguru. This comes after Ann Waiguru undergo a turbulence in her political stand as she seems to be moving to UDA which also did not run smoothly with Purity Ngirici. Purity is an ardent supporter of UDA hustler nation, party linked to the DP William Ruto and Waiguru move towards UDA will mean the tackle will not be a walk in the park. It is in the public domain the Purity Ngirici will vie for the governorship and Waiguru’s move will mess her calculations. As at now it not yet known what will happen if the two powerful women join UDA and vie for governorship which means they will have to face each other in nominations.

Ann Waiguru: I've been sidelined in Mashujaa Day celebrations

The formation of the camp between Karanja Kibicho and Purity Ngirici is what has angered Ann Waiguru claiming that she was not involved in the preparations of the Mashujaa day yet she is the governor. Karanja Kibicho has answered her that the event is for Kirinyaga and not for the county government.

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