Bomet Machozi Thursday: UDA Aspirants cry over nominations rigging

Bomet UDA aspirants has this morning come out to castigate the alleged vote rigging in the county. UDA party is holding it’s nomination across the country in 36 counties for various leadership positions. Allegations of vote rigging started streaming as early as yesterday in Embu county. The residents got angry and burnt down the ballot papers.

Bomet Machozi Thursday: UDA Aspirants cry over nominations rigging
Hon Korir weeps over vote rigging

Aspirant Cecile Mbarire came out to condemn the act alleging that her competitor Hon John Muchiri is behind the process and also the party management addressed the issue and said the nominations process will still go on. The party send Hon. Kipchumba Murkomen together with other prominent party leaders to go and offer oversight authority.

Bomet Machozi Thursday: UDA Aspirants cry over nominations rigging
Hon. Joyce Korir at Tenwek Boys High School

UDA rigging allegations has been registered in most parts of the country with Bomet topping up the list. Almost all Bomet aspirants rants out that there is a preferred line up team predetermined. Bomet women representative Hon. Joyce Korir protested against the act and went wild to an extend she was removed from the county tallying center Tenwek Boys High School grounds.

Hon. Wilson Sossion is also among those who has alleged there is a vote rigging with already arranged line up. The leaders held a presser at Tenwek Boys High School and threatened that if that is not corrected then all voting processes in the county should stop and be nullified till another time or day.

From the sneak peek, among those who were alleged to be behind the vote rigging includes Hon. Richard Kilel and Hon. Hillary Sigei.

Contrary to the vote rigging claims, Gorvenor Hon Hillary Barchok has not put in his voice on that. In fact he has casted his vote and asked the Bomet residents to also do the same.

Barchok said “As a Kenyan citizen and a voter in Bomet county, I have cast my ballot in Kapkimolwa polling centre, Longisa ward, this morning. I call on every voter to come out and exercise their democratic right to choose their leaders and decide their destiny. More importantly, I ask everyone including all our aspirants, to exercise self restraint and embrace tolerance even as we vote. Thank you Bomet. P.S. VOTE BARCHOK FOR UDA GOVERNOR NOMINEE.”

Barchok is expected to square in with former PS Hon. John Mosonik for gubernatorial seat while Hon. Sossion is suppose to battle with Hon Christopher Langat, Hon Joyce Korir to battle with Hon. Richard Kilel.

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