Bruno Fernandes apologizes for missing decisive penalty

Bruno Fernandes apologizes for missing decisive penalty against Aston Villa yesterday. The match proceeded on well on a win projection from the Manchester United side as they possessed ball for almost entire part of the match. The United side managed to maintain a draw of 0 – 0 until 88th minute when Hause Kourtney scored a winning goal with an assist from Luiz Douglas. The game was awarded 5 minutes extra time and during the first minute of added 5 minutes, Hause Kortney committed a clear handball and penalty kick given to Manchester United.

Bruno Fernandes hold the ball ready to kick the penalty in a clear indication that he didn’t want Christiano Ronaldo to kick the ball. This could be because he thought Ronaldo would score the penalty and rise to become the top scorer. Bruno Fernandes is among the leading with 4 goals so far while Ronaldo has 3 goals scored. Therefore, had he allow to kick the penalty, Ronaldo would have added his scored goals to 4 equalizing with Bruno Fernandes. Bruno joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon in 2020, most penalties and free kicks many times was the preferred player to take them by Ole Gunar.

Bruno Fernandes missed the penalty which would have become an equalizer against the Aston Villa club. He flew the ball to the skies over the goal post bar and to the crowd. Yesterday incident seemed to have angered the fans, preferring that Christiano Ronaldo would have kicked the penalty. This caught the attention of the manager Ole Gunar who has hinted that Christiano Ronaldo would be the one to take most penalties as he has scored most penalties in the world football.

Fernandes has come out very emotional and apologized about the missed penalty and overall loss to Aston Villa. He wrote a very long emotional apology to the fans and everyone.

He says “Nobody is more frustrated and disappointed than me for missing the penalty and the consequent defeat.

I’ve always assumed my responsibilities and I’ve always embraced them under pressure in moments like this. Today, I failed. But I took a step forward and faced the challenge with the same ambition and responsibility as when, on the many other occasions, the ball ended up in the net.

Criticism and contrasting opinions are a big part of football. I’ve learned to live with it, even using them to drive me on, and I consider it all a very important part of my commitment to never stop trying to improve and to become the best player I can possibly be, for me and the team.

Today I once again took the responsibility given to me almost since I joined United and I will take it again without any fear or dread whenever called upon.

The most important thing for me is to win together and I’ll always do everything I can to help my teammates and the club to be the best we can be.

I’m a player who leaves everything on the pitch, with great desire and commitment. And that’s what I’ll continue to do.

Thank you for all your support after the final whistle! Hearing you chanting my name in the stadium was very emotional… I will come back stronger for me, because these are the standards I hold myself to, but most of all for my teammates and our fans who have always supported us.”

Manchester United manager Ole Gunar defended, encourage and gave Bruno Fernandes shoulder to lean on. He says “”Bruno has been excellent, he’s such a good penalty taker. Today, you’d back him with your mortgage, I’d guess,” Ole noted. “As I said, Bruno has been excellent, and Cristiano is the one who has scored the most penalties in world football. We’ve got great takers here. It’s just a missed opportunity for us to get a point.” From his statement he seem to prefer Ronaldo to take penalty kicks.

Bruno Fernandes apologizes for missing decisive penalty

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