Campus Memorable Moment

Memorable Moment in Campus

            There are a lot of incidents that happened to me while I was back on campus but I will single out an amusing and hilarious one. I was that child who was raised in the village, went to a high school that is in the upcountry, and never got exposed to so many things the kids of my age experienced. I completed my high school and was lucky to have passed and got admitted to one of the best universities in the country.

            On campus, there is always a free Wi-Fi internet where students go and surf, do their research, and assignments. So during my final year of study, it happened I had a chain of so many friends since I was always social and happy to everyone. There is an internet addiction that gets one unaware, and I was one of those guys, the internet had gotten into my blood such that a day would not pass without me accessing the Wi-Fi. In our school, there are wireless access points situated in the school compound and LAN distribution also, but I used to love the Wi-Fi since I could not be able to get a LAN cable.

            During a one night, it was one of my many friends’ birthday, and so we had to show solidarity and celebrate with him. The party went on till midnight, and we left the place some minutes after midnight, but since I am addicted to the Wi-Fi, I had to go and browse YouTube, surf and check some few things on the net. Apparently, we had a WhatsApp group for the class, and on that night it was communicated there by the class representative that a test CAT would be there 7:00 am in the morning.

            Oblivious of everything, I surf till 6:30 am in the morning, and the test CAT is to happen at 7:00 am. So I walked out of the Wi-Fi zone without any hint of a CAT and remember was supposed to have read and revised for it that night before. On the corridors of the school compound that is next to the next ladies hostel, I met our class representative who was a lady. I asked her where she was going so early like that and we do not have a class in the morning, she looked at me and gave me cold shoulder thinking I was making a joke. I asked her on a serious note whether we have a class, but she laughed at me and told me we have a CAT and she was heading to the room for the test. I was mad and frantic how that could be and wasn’t informed.

            She told me there was a communication to the WhatsApp group but, I was not able to access it because I was on the internet. Since I was a final year, I have had exposures to many tests of that kind, I consoled and encouraged myself to go and do the test with the knowledge I had. Surprisingly, when the results were out, I passed the test and even was ahead of the rest of my classmates who had revised the previous night. That encouraged me more and had never forgotten that same day; it was a moment of its own.

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