CS energy Charles Keter fails to appear before Senate Committee

CS energy Charles Keter fails to appear before Senate Committee for interrogation on the current and constant increasing fuel prices. Recently fuel prices was increased as announced by EPRA, petrol retailing at Ksh134.72, diesel at Ksh115.60 and kerosene at Ksh110.82. The increase in prices came days after another increase and this made Kenyans to be furious and asked elected leaders to intervene and assist. The country in experiencing tough economic times and therefore rate of inflation is getting higher, and must use many ways to curb the challenges.

According to Kwame Owino CEO Institute of Economic Affairs, the Government will have to take responsibility of the failure to leave a legacy. The President wants to leave a legacy when he proceeds for retirement 2022 August and that’s the reason he is trying to accomplish various projects within a short period of time. Kwame Owino says “The legacy will be a lot of white elephants for which President Uhuru will have to take responsibility”. The debt ceiling is hitting high with China being the biggest lenders. This pushes the President to solicit for funds from all corners in order to fund the stalled projects.

The public has come out crying on the current fuel increase that it burdens a lot ordinary people. LSK president has since said is ready to go to court and challenge the price increase. Due to public concern, the Senate energy committee summoned the CS energy and CS petroleum to appear before the senate and give an account of the fuel increase. The CSs were suppose to appear today 21st of September but CS ministry of energy Hon. Charles Keter decline to show up. The two CSs didn’t show up for the meeting and no representatives from both ministries showed up.

CS Keter decline to appear before the senate committee to discuss and answer questions as to why the fuel prices increase. He says that the matter falls under petroleum ministry of CS John Munyes, and so he won’t show up. CS John Munyes is currently out of the country and his team had requested the senate committee to postpone the meeting until next week Wednesday. The senators have gang up and wants to apply sanctions on the two CSs for failure to turn up, they have propose to take the matter to the floor of the house on Tuesday afternoon.

The Senate energy committee chairperson Hon. Ephraim Maina has said that the senate will look for ways to reduce taxes placed on petroleum prices. He says

“We are reviewing to see where we could intervene legally to put checks on the rising fuel costs,” he said.

“I cannot personally say the hit on taxes is only on petroleum products. Look at unga prices, wheat flour. Kenyans are even up in arms over high school fees. Wananchi wamefinywa pande na pande kila pahali.”

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