Daughter of former Mt. Elgon MP John Serut Receive Online Criticism from Kenyans

Former Mt. Elgon MP John Serut is ill and admitted at the hospital. His daughter took to online to ask Kenyans for help in settling father’s hospital bill which has accrued now to almost Ksh. 20 million. The former MP has been unwell for a while has was diagnosed of multiple myeloma in January 2020. The little know daughter took to twitter and has asked for a fund help to settle the bill. The daughter’s name is Chemoss and she posted this on twitter “Hey guys, so a lot of you don’t know me but I’m here requesting your help today. My father’s name is John Serut and he’s been unwell for a while now. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in January of 2020. Since then, we’ve had medical bills totaling to about 20 million.”

Multiple myeloma is a type of blood cancer that affects multiple organs eg the kidneys, bones and liver. So far, we’ve handled this as a family but we’re now reaching out to you for help. John Serut became the member of parliament for Mt. Elgon in 20th February 2002 and served for one term till 2007. In 2007 he was kicked out by Fred Kapondi who took over from 2007 to 2013 then he was re-elected again in 2013. Serut served for another one term from 2013 to 2017 before he lose again to Fred Kapondi. He participated in many parliament committees including House Business Committee as a member. In his tenure, many killings and bad occurrences happened for instance an allegation that a woman was raped in office was in the air and the constituents wanted him to resign. He was labeled as an insitigator who engineered violent clashes in the area.

Daughter of former Mt. Elgon MP John Serut Receive Online Criticism from Kenyans

John Serut was known to be a nonsense guy and many accuses him of being evil. From the many replies on his daughter’s tweet, it seem many Kenyans living in Mt. Elgon suffered a lot during his tenure. Some of the tweets include:

Her post attracted many criticism from Kenyans on twitter and have gone ahead to highlight the bad side of her father when he was the member of parliament for Mt. Elgon. One of the netizens has expressed the frustrations put on the family by John Serut when he was an MP. According to the tweet from the frustrated Kenyan, it reads “I really hate to be insensitive about this but it crossed my TL and the name John Serut has brought alot of dark memories in my life and i wish i could see your dad and show him the middle finger”. In 2007 This John Serut killed 2 uncles of mine and 3 cousins because they refused to join his “group” of youths called “janjawit” whom he wanted to recruit for his own malicious reasons He took them huko forest and slit their throats in cold blood akipea vijana wa watu kiapo”

“I will not forget my dad getting fined 100k for trying to escape from the clashes Our home was burned down to ashes We had nowhere to go My dad was asked to take crates of sodas and meat for the janjawits huko forest or his life was in danger Women and young girs were raped.” That is what an angered Kenyan said on twitter concerning John Serut.

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