David Hasselhoff Biography, Age, Networth and businesses

David Hasselhoff is an American actor, producer, singer and TV personality. He came to limelight when his two shows went viral, Baywatch and Knight Rider. On his Knight Rider he had a role as Michael Knight which earned him a prime time in the year 1982. The film series went wild world wide, loved by many and this made him to be the celebrated TV actor. David came back to TV in 1989 to produce the film Baywatch and also hit the headlines as the most watched TV show.

He was born in 17th July 1952 in Maryland, USA. He is nicknamed “Hoff” which he uses in most of this merchandise. His family moved out of Maryland and as a child, David Hasselhoff developed an interest in dancing, singing and acting. To shape his interests, he attended an arts school in Michigan called Dramatic Arts Academy and California Institute of Arts in California. His career started in 1973 when he a particular role on the series “The Young and The Restless”. David released his first album in 1989 June Looking for Freedom became the top hit in Germany. He popularly performed it on the eve of the new year at the Berlin wall.

David Hasselhoff Biography, Age, Networth and businesses

David Hasselhoff married his first wife Catherine Hickland in 1980s, divorced and married again in 1989 this time married Pamela Bach an actress. Him and Pamela had two daughters namely Hayley Hasselhoff and Taylor Ann Hasselhoff. David filed for a divorce again with Pamela in 2006 January. His networth taking into consideration royalties and other businesses is 100 million dollars. He runs a shop called “The Hoff Store” where he sells his merchandise dubbed “Hofficial Merchandise”. He also runs music business and TV production, in the year 2008 he launched a social networking site called “HoffSpace”.

His shop majorly deals on outfits bearing his name or the name of his most celebrated shows. David Hasselhoff through his career as an actor has handled a lot of various projects, for instance, Jekyl and Hyde in the year 2000 taking the major character. From then he has made appearance in a number of theatre productions like in 2007 he appeared in Las Vegas for The Producers.

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