Easiest ways to stop your computer from overheating

1.Keep your system away from windows and ventilations

The first thing to do is to consider where your computer is located. Check whether it is particularly in a warm place, make sure your computer is not near a heat vent, window or a temperature-sensitive area. Often you need to change the location of your computer which makes it cool down. Do not have your computer in a closed room where temperatures are high because that will make fan move faster.

2. Clean your fans

Regularly have your fans cleaned. Dirt and dust can cause havoc to your first line of temperature defence(fan). There are several fans inside the computer, when you open the case, you will find one inside the power supply, one on top of the CPU and maybe one or more on the back or front of the case. Simply shut down your computer and use a duster to remove the dirt from the fans. Avoid using vacuum cleaners like blowers because the static they produce can cause more damage than heat itself.

Easiest ways to stop your computer from overheating

3. Give your computer some breathing room

Your computer’s position in the room matters a lot. Check where the computer is situated and remove any obstacles that might hinder the air flow. For optimal performance, leave around three inches of space on all the sides of your computer. Also have a look at your desk where the computer sits on whether it relegate your computer to an enclosed drawer or cabinet. If your computer is in an closed space, there is an increased risk of overheating.

Easiest ways to stop your computer from overheating

4. Close the computer’s case

While it may seem to be a solution, opening the case doesn’t help to regulate internal temperatures. In fact it does the opposite and restrict the temperatures from regulation. A closed case helps the system to be cool as it reduces the dust and dirt effect on the cooling fans. A lot of dirt can make your fan stop working or slow down, cases are designed for air handling effectively. With fans properly in place, you can maintain the reliability of computer’s components.

5. Add a memory cooling fan

Memory is one of the computer components that are likely to overheat. To keep temperatures down or regulated, I recommend a cooling fan which helps to remove dead spots of airflow the computer memory area.

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