Father apologizes to son after declaring he will not do well academically

A Nigerian man by the name Ifeanyi Obi narrated how his father, a prophet had prophesied that he will not do well academically. In fact he suggested that he should sent straight to learn trade. This happened when he was only 8 years old and had a vision of becoming a professor. Right now he has a PHD in Architecture and Construction Management and immediately he attained his PHD, his dad apologized for almost ruining the vision of his young kid. Throughout his studies he worked very hard to fight this dad’s prophecy.

Obi said “I was only 8 years old, when a Prophet my dad called to pray boldly declared I will never do well academically. That I should be sent straight to learn trade. My fragile mind could not handle that prophecy as I wanted to become a Professor and I wept bitterly.”

“All through my studies I fought this prophecy. It wasn’t easy. Every time I failed a subject, something will say to me “maybe he was right after all. Standing today as an associate Professor is a great personal testimony to me. After I became a Professor, my dad had to apologise for almost ruining my vision as a young kid.”

Father apologizes to son after declaring he will not do well academically

“Not only did I become a Professor, I achieved that at a record breaking age. If you don’t like it, then don’t accept it. After all it’s written “prophecy shall fail”. God can say, Men can say and You can say but at the end, It is your choice which to follow.”

His prophet dad felt embarrassed after Obi attained his PHD working as an associate professor of construction technology at Girne American University.

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