FIFA opens disciplinary action against Racism in England

FIFA has began disciplinary action against racism in England during the e world cup qualifier. This happened after visiting players received racial abuses from the fans in Budapest Hungary. Jude Bellingham and Raheem Sterling were the target players with chants of monkey during the night match on Thursday. England won 4-0.

Tony Burnett CEO at Kick It Out has termed the abuse as predictable and preventable. He criticized both UEFA and FIFA that they have failed to make sure that a ban on stadium issued in July by UEFA proceeded to the world cup qualifiers. The abuse has been condemned by the footballers association and requested FIFA to make sure they close the loophole.

FIFA made the following statement on Friday “Following analysis of the match reports, FIFA has opened disciplinary proceedings concerning the incidents last night at the game Hungary-England.

“Once again, FIFA would like to state that our position remains firm and resolute in rejecting any form of racism and violence as well as any other form of discrimination or abuse. We have a very clear zero tolerance stance against such abhorrent behaviors in football.”

The sanctions cannot be enforced until Nation League next year as World Cup belongs to FIFA sovereignty. Disciplinary act in article 66 of FIFA permit confederations to perform sanction appeals in the competition conducted by FIFA.


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