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Fix your common computer problem that disturbs every now and then. Windows 10 is the latest version of the operating system developed by Microsoft as an improved version of the Microsoft Windows NT Family. This operating system was released to the market on 29 July 2015, and it’s the first windows version which receives the feature ongoing updates.

This version was available for free for only a year after it was launched and anyone was allowed to get an upgrade of this operating system until the end of 2017 where Microsoft discovered a loophole and it closed it. More often there is a common observation when you are trying to open any application, you are greeted with “This app cannot open”. Windows 10 also has got an application store like any other smartphone where one can install multiple applications like Facebook and other applications.

Most of the programs in Windows 10 do not run because of this problem. Such problem can be corrected by following the steps I am going to discuss here in this article. First, click on the start button and type this “Change User Account” and it will instantly get you options for “User Control Settings” but before getting on, turn off temporarily the changes in windows.

To do that click on search button and type “User Account Control Settings” and it will give you an option for “Change User Account Settings”. Click on that and drag down the slider up to the bottom and save by clicking “OK”. This will ensure Windows will not show any notification.

There are some of the changes also you have to make in “Local Security Policy” and to get to the settings of this, there are two ways. One is, click on the start button and just type “Local Security Policy” and another way is by using a short command, that is, ‘secpol.msc’. To use the short command, press windows button on the keyboard with the button “R” simultaneously and press enter to open. Upon opening, you have to enable two inactive settings and to reach here, expand the “Local Policies” by clicking an arrow before it.

Click on “Security Options” and scroll down on your right till you find “User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the Built-In Administrator Account”. Right click on it and select ‘properties’ then choose “Enable” save that by clicking “Apply” button the ‘OK’ to save and exit. After making all these changes, the windows will, the windows now will have to reset in order for the changes to take effect and you can now run any application without any problem. FIx your common computer problem right away and keep on working on your machine.


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