Goons brought in Bomas by Azimio team-security heightened

The Azimio team has this afternoon brought in goons who are chanting at Bomas entrance. There is a standoff at the gate after politicians led by Siaya Governor elect James Orengo, his Kisumu counterpart Anyang’ Nyong’o and Laikipia outgoing Governor Ndiritu Muriithi are denied access to the National tallying center. They are currently hold up at the Bomas waiting room waiting to be allowed entry into the tallying area.

Goons brought in Bomas by Azimio team-security heightened
James Orengo and team at Bomas gate

Intelligence reports indicates that the goons outside Bomas were brought in by one of the Azimio leader allegedly Edwin Sifuna. There is a lot of commotion within the tallying area propagated by the azimio side and probably this has led the security agencies to deny azimio team more members into the tallying center.

Goons brought in Bomas by Azimio team-security heightened
Azimio team denied access to the Bomas Tallying center

Yesterday, Nairobi women representative Esther Passaris was seen dragging a man and his gadget stolen from him by an anonymous suspicious young man who handed the grabbed gadget to another lady in waiting. From the amateur video, the act was well calculated as the man who grabbed the gadget was seen having a chat with Passaris before the act.

The verification process is ongoing and Form 34As is at 46,205 put of 46,229 polling stations, only 24 polling stations or Form 34As are remaining. The same results are then transferred to Form34B and finally Form34C which will be used to declare the Presidential winner. Form 34C is the national form that aggregate the national tallies across the 290 constituencies which is detailed in Form 34B.

Goons brought in Bomas by Azimio team-security heightened
IEBC portal displaying the Forms

IEBC has less than 48 hours to declare the President elect as per the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Article 138(10) of the Constitution dictates that the Commission has 7 days from the date of election to announce the winner of the Presidential poll.

The article reads “Within seven (7) days after the presidential election, the chairperson of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission shall; (a) declare the result of the election; and (b) deliver a written notification of the result to the Chief Justice and the incumbent president,”

So far, IEBC has also only validated approximately half of all the Forms 34B uploaded by the constituency returning officers. However, The IEBC portal shows that only 274 Forms 34B had been uploaded out of the total 291 forms required.

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