Hon. William Ruto tells President Uhuru “Hatupangwingwi”

There are speculations that a bill is going to the national assembly. The bill seeks to revert the current voting system to manual voting system used in 2007. The bill also seeks to stop the live streaming of voting results by the media stations. In a move that is seen to be a strategy by one side of the political pact, the bill is expected to be tabled at the floor of the house in the coming days. Manual voting system used in 2007 was marred by several irregularities of rigging that led to the post election violence throughout the country. The violence was intercepted by the international communities including ICC that saw the two warring sides settle their differences and enter into a coalition government.

The coalition government was formed between the former president Hon. Mwai Kibaki and Hon. Raila Odinga as the Prime Minister. Hon. Raila’s Odinga’s side alleged that elections were rigged and their supporters became rowdy attacking communities associated to the president Hon. Mwai Kibaki.

Several leaders have come out to express their concern and frustrations concerning the elections bill that is set to be tabled in parliament. Gatundu South member of parliament Hon. Moses Kuria was the first leader to make his remarks about the bill and said he was one the members in parliament who strongly stood for electronic transmission of Presidential results and electronic voter identification.

Hon. William Ruto tells President Uhuru "Hatupangwingwi"
Photo Courtesy : Moses Kuria(Facebook)

In 2016, I was a member of the 7-A-Side 14 member Kiraitu-Orengo bicameral team that worked to reform the IEBC and Elections Act after Machozi Monday riots. I strongly stood for electronic transmission of Presidential results and electronic voter identification that some top honchos in government and Jubilee suspected I had been brainwashed by the NASA side. I found myself soo much in agreement with James Orengo, Junet Mohammed (Especially!) Eseli Simiyu, Mutula Kilonzo Jnr, Boni Khalwale, Johnson Muthama and Mishi Mboko than my Jubilee colleagues Jimmy Angwenyi, Sen Eng Mahmud, Naomi Shaban, Beatrice Elachi, Kipchumba Murkomen and Kiraitu Murungi when it came to the question of use of Technology in our elections. I was there in 2007. I was there through Kriegler. I can say without fear of contradiction that the Amendments proposed by uprooter Amos Kimunya are a recipe for chaos. I will oppose. I urge Junet Mohammed to lead the Azimio team in opposing just like he did in 2016. Otherwise you will cry in the toilet thinking you are fixing others . Utanikumbuka” Moses Kuria said.

The Deputy President Hon. William Ruto who is alleged to be out of the country has also put in his opinion about the bill. He noted that the move is just part of the attempts to install a “puppet” by the state. Hon. Ruto said “The never-ending onslaught through election law amendments is a choreographed attempt to install a puppet on the Kenyan electorate and sabotage our freedom of choice and hard-earned democracy. The plan is evil and must fail. The people have resoundingly said HATUPANGWINGWI.

Hon. William Ruto tells President Uhuru "Hatupangwingwi"
Photo Screengrab : William Ruto(Facebook)

The desperate efforts to install project kitendawili by forceful, illegal, undemocratic & unconstitutional means portends a troubled future for Kenya, its democracy, the rule of law, freedom of its citizens and, ultimately, everyone’s well-being.

The assaults on the Constitution through reckless legislative and administrative sleights off hand, by dark forces operating in shadows, are fundamental ingredients of a coup — the sovereignty of the people of Kenya is under grave threat.

The Deputy President believes that President Uhuru is desperately using all means to install a project. He says that the reckless legislative and administrative sleights on the constitution are ingredients of a coup which is a threat to the sovereignty of the people of Kenya.

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