How to speed up windows PC

As computers age, they tend to slow down in performance. Often, one notices an abnormal increase in time it takes to perform a certain task. I won’t stand for it and neither you should. It’s one of the reason I’ve come up with this insightful article to give you detailed information and how to maneuver through. Below is the detail description on How to speed up windows PC

First thing, go to your PC and press windows button. Type in the search bar the word “Run” and hit enter button. You should see a pup window like below,

How to speed up windows PC

In the dialog box, type in “sysdm.cpl” and click OK to get a response box as below,

How to speed up windows PC

Navigate to the advanced tab and click on settings to open another selection window as below,

How to speed up windows PC

Select “Adjust for best performance” and make sure tick the box of “Smooth edges of screen fonts”. Apply the changes and click on OK. That’s it for that method.

However, there are more useful and important functions to do in order to increase the speed performance. Anyone who owns a PC undeniably has installed at least one program they just use once and completely forgets about it. These programs are eating up space on your hard drive and is making your PC bog down. Get rid of them by uninstalling and do favour to your PC.

Limit startup and kill unnecessary background processes. To do this, open windows task manager and go through the number of processes your computer is currently running. Many of these programs are running due to a program you started or just running when the computer powers on. These processes are using memory and processing power.

How to speed up windows PC

These processes also eats up the CPU and make it overheat.

Another thing to do in regards to how to speed up windows PC is to defrag and clean up your hard disk drive. The longer you use a hard drive in your computer, the more it becomes fragmented and the hard drive will fill up with unnecessary and junk files. It’s good to always exercise the use of a disk fragmenting tool and disk cleanup tools that inbuilt on windows to free up space on hard drive and make the operation run optimally.

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