Jimmy Wanjigi’s house raided after exposing ODM

ODM presidential candidate from Mt. Kenya Jimmy Wanjigi’s house raided yesterday night by alleged DCI officers. This comes a day after he scratched the ODM leader’s character that he has changed and threatens that if they will not give him his right as a strong supporter of ODM, then they are advertising to the world how they are going to treat Kenyans in future. Wanjigi said watching ODM leader on TV and comparing his character he has known from 1991, he has totally changed. He wants ODM to practice democracy and give him a token as an ODM strong supporter from Mt. Kenya.

Wanjigi has called for a meeting of ODM delegates at Kasarani on Saturday and it is believed this is one of the attempts to intimidate and silence. Many countrywide branch officers have confirmed their attendance with almost 100% of Mt. Kenya have since confirmed. Intelligent sources hinted that to sanitize the malicious act, the government will arrest him and open charges on land deal just to divert the attention. Wanjigi maintained that he will not settle for anything less than democracy, and that has prompted ODM to harass him with attempt arrests.

Jimmy Wanjigi's house raided after exposing ODM

Based on the current events unfolding, it’s classified that Jimmy Wanjigi will fold his things and move out of ODM. The ODM aspirants who had expressed their interest of vying for Presidency through ODM ticket include Mombasa Governor Hon. Ali Joho and his Kakamega counterpart Hon. Wycliffe Oparanya but since their announcement they haven’t been heard talking about it anymore. They seemed to have surrendered the vacancy to ODM leader Hon. Raila Odinga. The only remaining aspirant battling ODM leader for the ticket as at now is Jimmy Wanjigi.

Jimmy Wanjigi's house raided after exposing ODM

Netizens have had their talk and some are saying that ODM leader Hon. Raila Odinga doesn’t believe in democracy that’s why he is harassing Jimmy Wanjigi. Migosi on twitter says “If Raila is a lover of democracy, why is he harassing Jimmy Wanjigi? Why can’t he allow Jimmy battle it out with him for the Odm ticket? Is the Odm ticket a birth certificate reserved for him? Little power and see what he does, what if real power comes in now? Squeeze all of you.”

In a phone call to one of the local media houses, Wanjigi says he had been notified of CID officers in his office at 9.30 pm while in a meeting with his campaign teams. “They were disguised from head to toe in white clothing and assault rifles, all they were telling my two lawyers is that they want me to go to CID to record a statement. I tend to believe that it has a lot to do with what I said over the weekend and maybe they have information about the kind of campaign I intent to launch” Wanjigi said.

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