Kenya sio yako – DP Ruto tells President Uhuru

In a move that is aimed at responding to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s yesterday remarks, Dp Ruto has bashed him in a rally over politicking remarks. President spoke yesterday in Mombasa when he presided over the official opening of the Universal Health Coverage. President Uhuru seemed baffled by his deputy over his campaign tours telling him that he takes credit for the work he has not done. He tells him that work is done in offices and not on top of cars.

Kenya sio yako - DP Ruto tells President Uhuru
DP Ruto in Kakamega county

Today while in his western campaign tour, Dp Ruto responded to President’s remarks over politicking. He tells him “Kenya sio ya watu watatu, wanne au familia chache za Kenya…enough is enough, we will not allow you to impose a puppet on the people of Kenya. Dp Ruto cautions the President against imposing and endorsing a candidate of his choice to Kenyans, he tells him that Kenyans do not want a puppet president.

Kenya sio yako - DP Ruto tells President Uhuru
President Uhuru Kenyatta in Mombasa

Dp Ruto also told the President that work is done on the ground and “theories in office” that’s why he is out there. “I have been in politics long enough to understand that you plan theory in offices but execute practically on the field … sometimes on top of cars” Ruto said.

“The Jubilee government was a joint project between me and Uhuru Kenyatta…you cannot deny me as the Deputy President , the credit for the things we did that succeeded in Jubilee…If it was not for me, the Jubilee government would have been non-existent” DP Ruto added.

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