Kenyan man contracted HIV through gayism

A Kenyan man by the name Duncan Kimathi living with HIV disclosed how he got infected with the disease after completing high school education in 2015. Speaking on an interview with Tuko, Kimathi encouraged patients living with HIV to never lose hope. He was introduced to gayism by friends around him, he says “My friends introduced me to gayism in 2015 after clearing high school in 2014. Life was tough, and I was struggling and gave in,”.

Kenyan man contracted HIV through gayism
Photo Courtesy : Tuko

One day in 2016, Kimathi said he fell sick and after visiting the hospital, several tests were done only for the doctor to inform him that he was HIV positive. “I felt like my life had come to an end. I started using ARVs immediately up to now I’m still on medication,” he revealed.

Kimathi got married to Josephine Karui in 2018 and after marrying decided to quit gayism. He cut the communication with his gay friends, changed his phone number after moving in together with his wife Josephine Karui. “I changed my cell phone number. Blocked my gay friends everywhere and moved to a new location.”

He got involved with Josephine towards the end of 2017 , they entered into a relationship dating for 3 moths then moved in together at the satrt of 2018. He met Josephine at a small hotel where he used to cook chapati. Kimathi said “”I met her at a small hotel where I used to cook chapati and she was a client. Alikuwa na alone hapo karibu (She had a salon next to my workplace),”

The wife was aware that he was HIV positive after moving in together. One day when Josephine was cleaning his clothes, she came across the drugs in the house and went ahead to ask someone and told they were ARVs. The two visited VCT and results turned out different, Kimathi was positive while Josephine came out negative. During their first days before testing, Josephine used to take PEPs and after testing she left the drugs. They are planning to have a kid together.

The man said he was encouraged by the wife to quit gayism, saying what attracted him to her was her kind heart. He added that when one is into gayism, they don’t value women and see them as not important people. Kimathi praised his wife thanking her for accepting him with his condition and helped him ditch a bad behaviour. However, the man has never told anyone about his story not even his parents. It’s only the wife and one friend are aware about his story.

As an advice to those in the same shoes “Ukijua ulipata HIV through nini (once you know how you got infected with HIV), stop what you’re doing and start a new life. people join gayism for pleasure…get saved and your life will change for the better,”

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