Kenyan university student died of hunger

One Kenyan university student has died of hunger and a friend has come out to share what befell the student. The discussion elicited many reactions online after one student believed to be a friend to the deceased shared the anger to one of the biggest social media bloggers Alfred Koech -Sergent. Alfred is running a huge following on social media and the comrade took advantage to share so as to reach many people.

The message reads “Alfred, one comrade in one Kenyan University died of hunger. He wrote a message asking for Ksh.50 to buy food and nobody cared including his family. Before he died, he wrote a note on how he has spent the whole week without food. I will always tell you guys humanity is better than status,the most hard question is what are you doing for others,a comrade asks for a lunch offer but most of us ignores😭

. I know right now collecting thousands of money for burial and failed to give 50 bob for lunch, are we a confused generation, or fake friend? life is a candle,guysHUMANITY IN QUESTION ⁉️

Kenyan university student died of hunger

From the message the student asked for Ksh. 50 bob to buy food and nobody assisted leave alone the family members. The post has solicited mixed reactions among the netizens with some thinking that the post might be malicious and not genuine. Fir instance, one fan said “The only problem is that its very hard to distinguish between a genuine plea for help and a fraud. Sadly, only death is such a case can only be beleived. The question is, how can we determine a genuine case”.

Social media has recently become the most comfortable place for the scammers to con people. In the past few weeks, a twitter account by the name Shirleen Mukami posted a touching feed asking for help with the pictures of herself and her kid. The twitter investigators found out that the account is being used to defraud Kenyans in the pretext of helping. Many Kenyans oblivious of everything fall into this trap and send their money and by the time of unearthing the truth, the funds collected had reached Ksh. 800000.

Many Kenyans from the post of a student dying due to hunger seems to doubt the authenticity of the information. Another fan by the Arap Cheptalel commented “It’s so unfortunate. RIP COMRADE. Although it’s very difficult to identify real from fake requests nowadays because conmen are also using same tricks.

Some have also sympathized with the situation and throw the blame to the parents. “Very sad indeed. I think his family is very insensitive. Your child pleading with you for just 50 bob for lunch but you just ignore ! I am asking parents who have children in university like me: there’s nothing like government sponsored students in this country anymore. You should dig deep into your pocket for your child to survive in our Kenyan universities. Since mine joined in 2020 September HELB has just sent into his account Shs. 18,500 and nothing more up to now. I have taken full responsibility of paying tuition fees, hostel, meals and any other expenses as required on a daily basis. Therefore, when your child tells you that he/she is starving kindly don’t assume. Otherwise you regret later but it will be too late. HELB is dead if you didn’t know.”

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