Kirinyaga Women Rep Purity Ngirici on her way out of UDA

Purity Ngirici is on her way out of UDA after Governor Waiguru joined UDA. She was among the UDA troops who welcomed Governor Ann Waiguru and when asked about how the arrangement would be, she said she will have to battle with her at party nomination level. Although, that proved how worried she was about the Governor’s move, that she was coming to kick her out. She explained that she is the one who popularize UDA in Kirinyaga and Waiguru is coming to enjoy what she never worked for. Recently, she accused Ann Waiguru that she is a thief who wanted to grab 70 hectares of land from KEMRI.

Purity Ngirici said “I popularized UDA in Kirinyaga. I convinced my people that UDA was the political outfit to join and that Ruto was the man best-suited to take over from President Uhuru…Waiguru was on the other side opposing Ruto. When her BBI mission failed, she crossed over to UDA… I have now retreated to carefully study my options before I make my next political move.” Governor Ann Waiguru accompanied DP Ruto on his Embu tour last week and her recent engagements seems to be eating Purity Ngirici on her calculations.

Kirinyaga Women Rep Purity Ngirici on her way out of UDA
Purity Ngirici during a baraza with Kirinyaga residents. Photo courtesy : Purity Ngirici

Inside sources pointed that Purity could work with Interior PS Karanja Kibicho and her relationship with DP Ruto is now hanging on a beg as she contemplates her next step regarding UDA. Since Ann Waiguru joined UDA, Purity has a back seat on UDA engagement rallies and party meetings. However, she has not disclose or give a hint about her next move, she posted on her Facebook page “The time to take photos is up. It’s time to deliver the votes to H.E Dr. William Ruto. I choose to retreat and consolidate Kirinyaga votes and that is the value that H.E William Ruto is looking for in UDA“.

Kirinyaga Women Rep Purity Ngirici on her way out of UDA
Purity Ngirici

Purity is confident that she will move with the poeple of Kirinyaga when she goes for her next move. She added “Lastly , I believe in the people of Kirinyaga. The journey we began together, side by side and onwards we will finish God guiding us.”

There is a bad blood between the women representative and the governor and women rep is jilted. Governor Ann Waiguru is fighting Kibicho who seem to be a having a soft spot with Purity Ngirici and could be cooking something for Kirinyaga leadership together. Wangui Ngirici lamented that Waiguru is fighting Karanja Kibicho because he fought for the establishment of KEMRI which Waiguru was opposed to since she wanted to grab part of the land where KEMRI will be constructed.

Kirinyaga Women Rep Purity Ngirici on her way out of UDA
Photo courtesy : Purity Ngirici

Kirinyaga county is the county with three most powerful women as of today NARC Martha Karua to be on the ring for governorship as well. If Karua do not go for national politics means she will have to battle out with the winner from UDA nomination ticket. Purity has likened politics to a game of Chess where when an opponent makes a move you don’t rush to make yours. You study the game carefully so that your next move is to give a checkmate to your opponent. Many people are wondering about the whereabouts of Purity Ngirici politically as she do not accompany the UDA troop as before and what could be her next political vehicle.

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