Kylie Jenner post a naked picture in blood

Kylie Jenner posted a naked picture covered in blood to promote her new collection of A NIGHTMARE ONELM STREET COLLECTION which is a product of Kylie Cosmetics. She posted pictures lately which seemed to be on Halloween mode but it’s not yet Halloween. The celebrity took to Instagram to express her scandalous photos she has taken currently which speaks some connection with Kardashian.

In the photos Kylie Jenner poses in a nude manner but that didn’t get the followers freaking out about it. Her fans were not ready yet for another surprise that she was covered by fake blood. The fake blood seemed to be dropping down from her shoulders and covering where she sits on. She is crouched in little pool of it which shocked her followers apart from her nakedness she is covered on fake blood. Honestly speaking from my point of view, it’s not real blood but it leaves one shuddering the moment you glare at the photos.

Kylie Jenner post a naked picture in blood

Jenner does this to promote her cosmetic business collection. On one of the caption she wrote “MY KYLIE X NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET COLLECTION LAUNCHES TOMORROW! 3pm pst” This was to woo her followers for her brand launch. Among her fans one wrote “Low key disturbing…” while some linked her to her pregnancy maybe that was not the right time to post such kind of pictures “Honestly I find this really disturbing since she’s pregnant,”.

It is her prerogative to do anything with her body obviously but some felt that a prior warning should have accompanied the images so as to prepare them for such nude pictures.

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