Man buys coffin, drinks and plans for his funeral

A 70-year old man saw the future and taught he might make his last breathe the next moment. The man identified by the name Leo prepared everything that could be needed for his burial. He said that what informed that decision is because the old people dying in his village has became a huge burden financially to the villagers. Leo has nine wives and made funeral requirements including buying drinks, coffin and any other thing pertaining the his burial ceremony.

Man buys coffin, drinks and plans for his funeral
Photo Courtesy : Afrimax(Instagram)

His villagers are struggling to meet financial expenses of the people who have recently died so he is preparing to avoid becoming a burden to them when he dies. Afrimax did a video documentary of the man stating that he doesn’t want to become a burden to his villagers after he dies. For him to achieve all that, the man dug his own grave among other things that would be needed for a burial ceremony. He purchased bricks and cement that will be used for the grave.

The man purchased drinks enough for people who will attend the event. During this moment that man Leo is celebrating his remaining days on earth.

This are some of the reactions,

Kraftsbenson said : Such a person will struggle for death to no avail. They have been similar cases in Ghana and they live longer than expected.

blessedj67 said : This is not strange. Here in the UK it is normal for people to prepare for their funerals. Africans should begin to copy. Don’t leave a burden for your relationship.

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