Manchester United player has forced his ex-girlfriend to have sex

Manchester United player forced his ex-girlfriend to have sex causing injuries and bruises on her. Mason Greenwood has been accused of assaulting her ex-girlfriend after she refused to consent to have sex with him. The video posted portrays a woman bleeding from her mouth and knee bruises with a recorded audio alleged to be the voice of the Manchester United forward player Mason Greenwood.

Mason Greenwood plays as a forward player at Manchester United since 2018 in his senior career but all along has been at Manchester United during youth career. He is 20 years old born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England and has got Jamaican descent. The ex-girlfriend Harriet Robson has accused him of forcing her to consent to sex. This went against her will and she has lodged assault charges over his behaviour. Robson revealed the attempt abuse on her Instagram posts which she has since deleted including recorded audio clips and images of her bruised body bleeding.

Greater Manchester Police(GMP) have gotten the circulating images and videos on social media of assault case and are aware. Their statement is that investigations are going on to establish the real truth about it.

Manchester United player has forced his ex-girlfriend to have sex
Photo Courtesy : Mason Greenwood(Instagram)

Tweeps have gone to an extend of purporting that Greenwood needs to be in jail with French footballer Benjamin Mendy who was arrested of rape charges. Mendy is 27 years and plays for Manchester City as left-back player. He was released on bail at Chester Crown Court.

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