Marketing Products and Contents on Social Media

Media refers to channels of communication for disseminating entertainment, news, education, promotional messages or data. It includes narrowcasting and broadcasting medium, for example, TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, direct mail, internet, billboards, and telephone. One of the goals of the media is to market the products and contents rather than breaching hatred and hosting political debates that may lead to ethnic clashes and encouraging casual chats.

There is a rise in the usage of social media. In that note, the media at times exaggerate the way they are doing this marketing of the products. Most of the marketing advertisements come in the middle of the news which is annoying to most of the people, or most of the adds keep coming in when watching marketing via social media platforms. To accomplish marketing, the media has to research the audience who are consuming the products to create brand awareness. Should look for valuable social media channels that reaches many audiences such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. Check the demographics of the brand to understand what they like and who your customers are. Investigate and research on the competitors in the market before creating the content. Google search is one of the best ways to find your competitors. The media is only using these platforms to discuss politics and discussions that do not help in marketing.

The media has been successful in meeting this goal of marketing. Nowadays there is a rise in the use of affiliate marketing where individuals create links to sell the products of big companies who are on e-commerce platforms. So they have to market these links which will ultimately take the customers to the hosting e-commerce platforms.  There exist also email marketing and social media helps to steer this idea where the users subscribe to your list and messages go to them automatically. The media is not making this known to the public, and instead, they are creating their own, withholding the knowledge.

The e-commerce platforms like Amazon have got the affiliate program where individuals can enroll but what we see and hear on social media plus our TV and radios are the products they offer. The advertisements only involve their products not how to access the affiliate program. The TV stations in the Philippines host mostly the panels to discuss politics and international relations and using their social media to engage the public for their inputs. They should instead use these platforms for marketing the products and contents.

The social media is being misused to do things like online dating, chatting unnecessarily and expressing personal feelings which is useless. Instead, the media should embark on educating the public on the usage of these platforms to promote marketing of even their products. An example is someone who is selling shoes at a specific place who doesn’t know how to leverage the social media to increase sales. Such a person should be introduced to these things like selling online.

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