Medical School is a high pressure environment – Youngest Doctor says

Dr. Irene Chepngetich is a recent medical school graduate who just completed medical internship program at PCEA Kikuyu Hospital. She studied at the University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, MBBS and graduated on December 2020. She comes from Litein, Bureti subcounty, Kericho county in Rift Valley and describes her medical career journey up from being a village girl who wouldn’t think she would be where she is at now. All she wanted was a field that will have an impact to the society.

Dr. Irene says “Growing up in a small village in Litein, Rift Valley in Kenya, I always wanted to be in a field that would have an impact to the society.

Medical school is a high pressure environment and I always wondered if that was the kind of career I wanted to be in. But seeing patients smile after successful treatment always fills me with great joy. There is always the sad moments when you lose a patient, you never get used to it. That lingering feeling, wondering if there was something you could have done.

Medical School is a high pressure environment - Youngest Doctor says
Photo Courtesy : Irene Chepngetich

Overall though, I have enjoyed working in an environment where I take more responsibility for my patients, and interacting with them and their families. I have come to understand that being a doctor is not only a profession but also a calling that requires renewed passion each new day.

Even though I am now looking for new opportunities in various hospitals (very hectic process 😀), I look forward to a thrilling future in the medical field.”

She is hopeful to get new opportunities from various hospitals which she says is a hectic process.

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