Meet young Kericho man giving former CS Charles Keter a run for his money

Former CS Charles Keter is vying for the Kericho gubernatorial seat in the August polls. The CS resigned from his position to vie for the gubernatorial seat. He is vying on a UDA party ticket and the position as many others has attracted many candidates including the little known Dr. Erick Mutai who previously worked as a lecturer at Embu college.

CS Keter has a member of parliament for Belgut constituency and has also served as an assistant minister in Kibaki’s government. He served for two terms as an MP Belgut constituency and appointed as an assistant minister. In the current 2010 constitution he vied for Kericho senatorial position in 2013 and served until 2016 when he was appointed to be the CS for energy. The Senatorial seat became vacant and the election was done in 2016 which saw Senator Aron Cheruiyot clinched the seat.

Meet young Kericho man giving former CS Charles Keter a run for his money
CS Keter with DP Ruto

Among the aspirants include Engineer Fred Kirui who is also vying on a UDA ticket. They are suppose to battle it out at the nomination to get one candidate.

Dr. Erick Mutai is the man of the moment. He is being loved by many and across the county. He posses a doctorate degree and Keter receives humiliation in most parts of the county with some people telling him on the face that Dr. Mutai is their preferred candidate. He is born and bred in Kericho county, Bureti sub-county. He attended Rungut primary school performed very well and got admitted to Litein High School. For his university education, he went to Maseno University and graduated with a bachelors degree in Education. He furthered his studies with a Masters degree from Kabianga University and attained a Doctorate from Laikipia University.

Meet young Kericho man giving former CS Charles Keter a run for his money
Dr. Mutai aspirant Kericho county

Kericho people believed that Senator Aron Cheruiyot is a relative of Charles Keter and he fronted him as the preferred candidate. CS Keter is accused of marshalling resources for himself and practicing nepotism. Among other accusations is that Keter imported tea plucking machines that are being used at James Finlays Tea Ltd and that’s his business. Many people were rendered jobless due to the operation of the machines. Charles Keter is accused of practicing corruption in the county.

Dr. Mutai has promised form a Government that will ensure equal access to opportunities for a decent living by all members of our Society.

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