Money secrets you won’t learn in school

Relationship between emotions and money

Nearly 90% of your expenditure is tied to your feelings. The feelings related to money include envy, sham, guilt and fear. It is very wise to make an effort in understanding the emotions attached to money because it tends to interrupt logical thinking and take over your actions. This will take over actions towards undesired direction.

Multiple income streams

Create multiple income streams as much as possible. Everyday financial advisors always advises to supplement income sources with either side hustles or any other stream. Learn an alternative way of making money such that incase one fails you have another source to stand in for the failed one.


Create a budget of saving, most people learn through experience and even through hard way. Monitor your spending spree and smoothen your bills to suit your budget. Find out on ways to reduce your spending and set goals on what you want to achieve, focus on those goals. While saving also make sure you identify your priorities so as to channel your money there.

Build credit score

One of the common ways of building credit score is to pay your bills on time. Maintain low balances and do make payments frequently so as to raise your score. If you take a loan make sure to pay before the deadline of repaying catches up with you, that way the credit bureau companies will increase your score.

Money secrets you won't learn in school


This is the language of creating wealth, however, most people regard it as poorest way. Never ever shy away from negotiating on a product or service. The seller quotes his or her price offer and the seller make their offer until they reach an agreement on a fair price for both parties. More often the seller quotes a higher price not the actual price of the product or service so if you are not careful you will buy a cheap product expensively. Start your offer price until you reach a consensus on the price.

Debt management

Control your debt by doing financial budgeting and timely planning. These strategies will guide you to reduce your debt and compel you forward towards eliminating it. Without having the proper debt management plan, you will be up and down on cat and mouse race.


Retirement plans are not taught in school, therefore is important to learn about them immediately you are done with college education. Start to prepare your future so that you accomplish your dreams and goals independently. Preparation includes evaluating the amount of money will need for the set goals and investing in those goals to raise your retirement package. Check the decisions you need to take so as to focus on those future retirement goals.

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