Otile Brown, Naiboi and Nadia Mukami music deleted from YouTube

The three artists suffered the fate of their music deleted from YouTube. Naiboi who has not been releasing songs for quite sometime close to 2 years now seems to be almost giving up on his music career. On his Instagram post, he wrote “All i ever wanted is to Release music for my fans. And najua mafans wangu wana shanga whats up wit A Naiboi! My Hands been tied for almost 2 years Now. And i am tired being at mercy of Hawa wasee. I might Need serious Lawyers. I might i think. Nimefika mwisho. I miss Naiboi as much as you do.Pray for me. I keep everything to myself alot. But imefika mwisho. I love Music so much it hurts me i have over 800 songs and i cant release even a single one????”

The Naiboi expressed his frustrations that he has been hijacked and can’t release not even a single song. What could be picked from his address is that he has singed a contract with certain artiste and the deal doesn’t seem to bore fruits at all leading to a case and that’s why he “might need lawyers”. The same trend has recently caught up with Otile Brown when his song was removed from his YouTube channel. Upon removal of his song, the artist wasn’t in the country, he has travelled to South Africa. His manager Noriega has said that they are pursuing legal procedures against what happened, Otile Brown top performing songs was removed. According to his manager, a suggestion of his YouTube account was hacked could easily be noticed.

Otile Brown, Naiboi and Nadia Mukami music deleted from YouTube

Among Otile Brown’s top performing songs removed include Dusuma featuring Meddy among others. The error says the video has been removed by the uploader which is mixing his fans as to why the artist has to remove the songs. But from his manager, someone accessed Otile’s account and probably deleted the songs and they in pursuit of a legal case against it.

Nadia Mukami suffers the same and her top performing songs has been removed. Among her removed songs include the popular “maombi”, “Radio love” among others. Her distributors responded to it saying that there was a technical hitch on the YouTube side and that’s why their songs have disappeared. They are trying to solve it out and the songs will be back. There are speculations that the artists have disagreed with their music distributors. Music distributors always have accessed to the music songs including the YouTube account, they can see all the analytics and can even delete the channel if they so want. Nviiri also joins the group of artists whose songs have been removed from YouTube.

Many fans are left wondering what could be happening with these artists. The partnership agreement they signed with people who comes and hurts them in future. The music distributors could be people behind all these misfortunes happening to the artists.

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