Penn Badgley Biography, Age, and Family

Penn Badgley is an American musician and actor popularly known for roles as Dan Humphrey in The CW teen drama series Gossip Girl. He is also known for his role as Joe Goldberg in the Netflix series thriller drama You. In 2011 he was involved in the People’s magazine dubbed “25 Beauties at 25” and also the “TV’s 1oo Sexiest Men”. Penn Badgley has been active in acting since 1997 to present. His fame came when he portrayed Phillip Chancellor IV in The Young and the Restless soap opera which aired between 2000 and 2001. This earned him a nomination award in Young Artist Award.

He was born on 1st November 1986 currently 35 years old in Baltimore Maryland. He was born to Duff Badgley and Lynne Murphy Badgley, Duff worked as a carpenter and a news reporter. Penn spent his childhood years in Washington, Seattle, Virginia, and Richmond. While in Seattle, Penn did voice-overs for the children radio station and got featured in the Seattle Children’s Theatre. From these experiences, Penn Badgley discovered his talent of acting. His first breakthrough was in one of the summer Hollywood when he landed an agent who offered him a chance as guest-starring in the Will & Grace in the year 1998. Penn relocated with his mother to Los Angeles and he landed recurring roles from The Young and the Restless in 1973, The Brothers Garcia in 2000 and Daddio in 2001.

Penn lives in New York city, he completed high school education in California High School when he was 14 years old. He immediately attended Santa Monica City College. He married Domino Kirke on 27th February 2017 and together they have one child James Badgley. Penn is the only child in his family. He has one half sibling Jen and a cousin Megan Murphy. His parents divorced when he was 12 years old and moved with his mother to LA at the age of 14.

Penn Badgley Biography, Age, Family and Net worth

When he was asked about the origin of his name, he said his father was bouncing a pilot pen Tennis ball on frustration while trying to get the baby names. Her got her ultrasound results and referred the baby as looking like the Tennis ball size and that’s how the name Penn came to be. Penn Badgley studied his primary school life in Charles Wright Academy located at Tacoma Washington.

Penn Badgley Biography Age and Family

He plays guitar, and during 2008 USA presidential election, Penn expressed his support for Barack Obama over John McCain. He was nominated to the National Celebrity Cabinet by The American Red Cross in March 2010. He did voice-overs for Nintendo games.

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