People inside Jimmy Wanjigi’s house have not eaten for 16 hours

Jimmy Wanjigi is under house arrest and the people inside that house have not eaten anything for 16 hours. Comedian Eric Omondi who went to the scene confirmed that. DCI detectives who are disguised from head to toe in white clothing and armed are keeping them in. They have not served Jimmy any order of warrant of arrest.

People inside Jimmy Wanjigi's house have not eaten for 16 hours
Photo Courtesy : Jimmy Wanjigi

According to Eric ” I cant believe this is still happening in 2022. This is a Shame to Kenya and Africa at Large. The people in this Compound have been subjected to the most Inhumane of Conditions. They have not eaten anything for 16 hours. There is a lady Colleague of ours whose life is in Danger because she needs to take her Medicine. The doctor is out here and she would not be allowed in. We are begging them to atleast let her out so she can get URGENT MEDICAL ATTENTION. My boss @jimi.wanjigi has been asking for any form of Order or Warrant to no avail.

Inside there is a lady who needs to take a shot of her medicine but they have been prevented from getting out. DCI officers doesn’t want to talk to the lawyer and they don’t have any order of arrest. Jimmy Wanjigi’s supporters have camped outside his house curious to know what is going on. Eric Omondi says his boss Jimmy talked to him expressing his frustrations and linked it to lack of democracy.

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