Roadside SA poster that is causing stir online

Roadside South Africa poster is causing stir online among netizens for the better part of the day. A picture posted by one Kenyan based journalist and CNN International Correspondent Larry Madowo has elicited mixed reactions online with his caption. The poster looks like from South Africa just from the writings on it attacking the Parliament that it has so many members but few are honorable.

Roadside SA poster that is causing stir online
Photo Courtesy : Larry Madowo source Twitter

Larry Madowo captioned the post on Twitter “Replace South Africa with _________?” and judging from the comments, this seems to be the problem cutting across globally. Tweeps like @ssangala1 responded that “You can replace it with Switzerland” with most comments saying ‘you can replace with Kenya’. Most parliaments around the world suffer the same disease where parliament seem to be the house accommodating very few honorable members. Ronald Kyeyune from Uganda just asked to summarize it up the caption by saying the whole of Africa. “let us just be fair and say ”Whole of Africa”. Writing from Kampala”.

Many tweeps criticize their parliaments with some posting their respective parliaments house. Osinbajo’s from Nigeria also says Nigeria can easily replace SA “Nigeria rubber stamp National Assembly has 469 members. Nigeria can easily replace SA!” Almost every African country has been mentioned on the comments to replace South Africa to mean the Africas Parliaments are rotten and few members deserve to be called honorable.

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