Secret PC hack you won’t believe exist

There are several signs that points at your computer being hacked. One of the signals is degradation in system performance and magical installation of soft wares and programs on your computer. All these happens without your consent. Sometimes odd cursor and text just appear on the screen. It’s possible to prevent such occurrences by adhering to the cybersecurity rules and guidelines.

To prevent such incidences, make sure you install an anti-virus software, keep current on the operating system and use of complex passwords. Therefore it is prudent to have this information with you whenever you are using your computer. Awareness is crucial. I take you through how to check your computer if it’s been hacked.

The first step;

Go to your PC, press windows button together with “R” then a type box appears. On the text box type in “netplwiz” and click ok as shown below,

Secret PC hack you won't believe exist

Now click ok and another pop up window comes up showing you list of user accounts and displayed below,

Secret PC hack you won't believe exist

This helps you to know if your PC is hacked or controlled by someone. The user account s will be listed here. An account listed and you don’t recognize, that is the intruder. Full list of users who have gained full access to your computer will be listed here.

From there you can now decide to remove by navigating to properties and deny them rights. Go to group membership and then to others and give them basic rights. Alternatively, you can remove by clicking the intruder and navigate to remove button. Cybercriminals will continue to advance in getting new methods to infiltrate your devices but it’s good to be vigilant.

Secret PC hack you won't believe exist

These cybercriminals perform attacks in different ways. One of the attacks is Denial-of-Service attack(DDOS) and this is evident whenever password seems to have changed randomly for a device or an account. Another signal is you lose access to key system, settings like factory reset or system restore option.

Another fundamental thing to do is to enable two factor authentication for online accounts. This step is easily overlooked especially if you don’t use a particular account oftenly or you don’t visit you Facebook page regularly.

Prevent Remote Access to your PC

It is also very important to prevent and block remote access to your PC. Do the following to prevent,

  • Click on the Windows Start button
  • Type in “Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent to this computer” in the search bar
  • Uncheck the box next to “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer”
  • Click Apply

Always remember to do performance checks on your PC. Sometimes you’ve added your bank details or even credit card to your online accounts and intruders are getting access to them. You know what that means when they gain access! You part ways with your money.

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