Taraji P. Henson giving out goodies at Walmart

Taraji P. Henson is an American actress known for playing strong female characters. She lands a brand ambassador role for haircare products at Walmart. Taraji gives customers that beautiful and tempting smile so as to purchase the haircare products. At one of her posts on Instagram she reminds customers that haircare is self-care. She posted a video and captioned “Gotta remind them that haircare is self-care 😉🤣!!! Get @tphbytaraji in @walmart stores TODAY ✨ #HairChameleon #TPHBYTARAJI

She drops the haircare products on the customers shopping tray without the consent. She says she will do anything to remind people about the benefits of haircare, “Yup I will do anything to help ppl get and KEEP healthy hair‼️😩😂😂😂😂😂 #Repost from @tphbytaraji

Wait. Is that @tarajiphenson giving out TPH BY TARAJI to our #HairChameleons in @walmart ?! 👀😂 We love to see it!”

She is an entrepreneur also and runs The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation which is non-profit organization focused on fight against stigma. To break silence and break the cycle that no one should suffer. It is the foundation giving a mouth to those who are suffering in silence to come out and break that stigma and share their stories. In one of her videos on Instagram, she hilariously asks a customer whether he has bears. The customer answered her that he has a little dog and that made her surprised about the little dog as she packs for him a bone. She humorously told the customers that she loves a big bone.

Taraji P. Henson giving out goodies at Walmart

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