Ultimate guide to purchasing a car

Owning a personal car was perceived as only for the rich people. It was a status symbol and those who owned were suppose to be the richest people in the society while others aspire to own. However, over the years, this narrative has changed as more car brands compete for sales bringing the less costly vehicles in the market is only up to the buyer to choose the brand they would like. Now days everyone wants convenience when it comes to mobility and getting that car is not easy as entering into the supermarket and picking a packet of milk. In this article, I will guide you on which important factors to consider before purchasing that personal car.

1.Do a research

The first and most vital thing in purchasing the car is doing a research about that car brand you would like to purchase. There are numerous car brands available in the market thus giving a wide variety to choose from. These car brands have got various sub-categories which can comfortably accommodate low budget pocket while not compromising on the service. Do a thorough research on the advantages and disadvantages of that car brand you want to purchase, also look at the reviews of that car brand. This will give you a very insightful information on which car to choose. Conducting research will also give knowledge about things like availability of spare parts and the cost of maintaining that car.

2. Budget

Just like purchasing anything, you need to have a budget to help you in getting that car. Cars are not that cheap and so you need to have a clear plan on how you will pay for that car whether it is a new or a used car. There are two methods involved as far as budgeting is concerned, whether you are going to use your savings or go for a loan. Should you go for a loan, it calls for a good plan strategy on how will repay as that is debt. One most important thing I see most making mistakes in is getting a loan to buy they do not use, that is creating a trouble to yourself as a car is suppose to solve a certain problem. Therefore, having a budget will help you to narrow down to the type of a car you can afford and give desired service.

3. The need for the car

This factor looks like a stupid thing to consider but it is the most important thing because if you buy a car and you do not have the intended purpose means you will incur cost for nothing and will drain your pocket sooner or later. Have a clear roadmap of why you need the car, it will help you in deciding the type of a car you want and give a service desired. Do you need the car for family purposes, move from point A to point B or to do a business with. Pick the reason why you want the car and concentrate on researching about it. In an honest opinion, the car comes with monthly expenses and depreciates in value so know why you want.

4. Servicing and Spare parts

Service and spare parts is the most important and key factor to consider especially if the car is a second hand. There are car brands whose spare parts are known to be not on low budget pocket. As if that is not enough there are car brands whose spare parts are not easily available locally. Servicing and spare parts availability are what will inflate the cost of maintaining the car if not cheap and available. Car brands like Mitsubishi are known to expensive in terms of spare parts so it is necessary to consider this factor so that one do not strain in running the car maintenance. The popular brands like Toyota have continued to enjoy a good market almost globally due to the availability of cheap spare parts and technical expertise in most garages.

Ultimate guide to purchasing a car

5. Engine Size and Fuel Consumption

The major running expense for any car owner is the fuel although there is an emergence of electric and hybrid vehicles. We do not despise that fact that we are still in the age of diesel cars of the engine combustion. Depending on the cost of fuel in a country, fuel consumption will eat into the pocket. Cars for example those starting from 800 cc they can do around 25 km per litre. Most of the car enthusiasts want power but this will come at an incurred cost, big guzzlers like Toyota V8 will burn fuel at a faster rate and you find it doing 5 km per litre. The big the engine size, the more it will consume the fuel and hence digging into the pocket.

Consider the above factors whenever you want to purchase a car and it will go a long way in choosing. Do not rush in buying a car not of your choice or your intended function.

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