Vigorous security beefed up in Laikipia amidst school reopening

Learning has resumed in Laikipia today after schools have been opened and tight security provided. Close to 25 schools in Ol Moran had been closed due to the ongoing bandit attacks. The Government noted that the bandits moved out of the area due to the vigorous security operations provided in the Nature Conservancy. The Government has deployed military machinery to make sure that the bandits are smoked out of the area. Families are also settling back slowly.

Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiangi visited the area on Friday and spent the night there to monitor the situation and make sure that schools reopen today. A heavy contingent of security police officers have been deployed to do patrol providing security to the students and families who are returning to their homes. Due to the new security unit established by Interior CS, Laikipia Governor has said that the schools will be on police surveillance full time.

Vigorous Security beefed up in Laikipia amidst School reopening

“We have provided security in all the schools, we have resident security officers who will be camping in those schools. We will have usual patrols with formed units to ensure adequate security” Rift Valley regional commissioner George Natembeya said today. However, majority of students stay away for fear of attacks with some schools recording zero attendance. Students from Tumaini academy had been transfered to St.Marks Catholich church within Ol Moran shopping center but with low turnout still.

The Government had stated it will construct about 29 homes for families whose homes were brought down. The first model is completed and Rift valley regional commissioner Gorge Natembeya approved it. Therefore, 28 more houses is expected to be built as promised by the Government. Distribution of relief food has been decentralized at Ol Moran trading center to ensure leaners go back to school. The Senate security committee are expected to visit the place to access the situation and file a report of what’s happening exactly.

Each school has at least 2 police officers from the National Police service and several national police reservists to ensure that every teacher and leaners are safe. Also, on air police are patrolling with police choppers and the bandits have been pushed and have retreat towards Tiati border.

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