Washenzi nyinyi – Eric Omondi to Kenyan artists

Furious comedian Eric Omondi declares war with Kenyan artists. He says that local Kenyan artists are taken for a ride, they are paid peanuts yet international artists are paid heavily. His anger is referenced to Nigerian artists who has seem to dominate the Kenya music industry. Eric Omondi has recently started a war with Kenyan artist and took to his social media to express his anger. From many of his posts Eric has posted some throwback Kenyan songs with caption “Take me baaaack”

On his Instagram post that sparked reactions “Did you know that Nigeria,Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa and many more African Countries have a Law that requires All Local Media PLATFORMS (Radio,TV,Clubs,DJs and Blogs) to play 75 Percent of Local Music. This is the exact Opposite in Kenya infact I think this year we have had these local channels playing more than 95 Percent of Nigerian,Tanzanian and South African Music. WE MUST CHANGE THIS IMMEDIATELY and URGENTLY!!! We MUST PASS This LAW NOW!!! Did you know that when Chris Brown Performed in Lagos Nigeria his Contract stipulated that he had to Bring Wizkid onto his set and perform atleast two songs with him as away of pushing the AFROBEAT AGENDA. Mary J BLIGE did the same with Tiwa Savage as an Obligation on her Contract. I want to CALL UPON every individual in this COUNTRY that calls himself a MUSICIAN or ASPIRING MUSICIAN to meet me at Parliament Building next week TUESDAY because I know the MPs are on Recess until next week Tuesday. Please come in your THOUSANDS!!! WE WILL DRAFT THE LAW and @jaguarkenya@kiariejohn@he.babuowino@mohajichopevu MUST TABLE IT or we will BLACKLIST them as ENEMIES of the INDUSTRY and VOTE THEM OUT NEXT YEAR!!!. The Law will also require LOCAL PROMOTERS to pay Established Kenyan Artists the same amount or more as these USELESS International Artists. LETS MEET AT PARLIAMENT BUILDING NEXT WEEK na HATUTOKI HUKO MPAKA THEY TABLE AND PASS THIS LAW!!!


Eric said that Djs and radio station producers are promoting international music more than Kenya music. He posted posters of the popular international artists to perform in Kenya with the caption “Kwanza Konshens amesema and I quote “I want both Nairobi and Mombasa. Harmonize amesema anajaza 10 Stadiums in 10 Cities in Kenya in December. Mbosso pia anakm na Jana ametupostia which songs and Artists are the highest in Kenya. Shensea hata sijui ni nani but amesema “It was Worth the wait”😂😂😂WE MUST FIX IT!!! Tupatane PARLIAMENT TUESDAY 10AM.

Washenzi nyinyi - Eric Omondi to Kenyan artists
Washenzi nyinyi - Eric Omondi to Kenyan artists
Washenzi nyinyi - Eric Omondi to Kenyan artists

Adekunle Gold had a performance at Ngong Racecourse The Waterfront yesterday and Eric Omondi tried to attend the event. He had issues in getting access likely due to his controversial stand about promoting international artist other than the local artists. Despite having a ticket, he was not allowed access and he linked it to the freedom fighters who fought for independence that they will fight for the freedom in music industry. Eventually he was allowed to enter and he had only request “Nyashinski should perform last”. According to the program, Adekunle was to perform last and he said the artist who performs last always carry the show and is a show stopper.

According to Eric, the fight is against poverty not against one another not fighting against Africans but fighting for Kenyans. He said that going forward performance billboards should bear Kenyan artists in bigger pictures and non-Kenyan artists to appear small. Eric said that the way they treat Kenyan artists is the same way they will get treated here in Kenya and that’s the reason why he was there. From far the Nameless song was being played inside but Nameless was not part of the invited artists. He wants to appear in parliament on Tuesday to advocate for the same.

He clears the air that he has not been paid by anyone or chasing the clout. Eric Omondi said he is the most expensive MC in Africa and from his team he had six security officers all of which need to be paid and don’t go on events where he is not performing. He advised Nyashinski to perform last and he agreed as it is a very important moment. Eric said “Wasanii ni wajinga, wapumbavu, wamelala wamekataa kuamka” meaning Kenyan artists are stupid, sleeping and do not want to wake up and take the stage.

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  • November 17, 2021 at 1:14 pm

    The guy is just on clout chasing no seriousness at all


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