When I pray I lose property – Kenyan Musician says after joining Illuminati

Kenyan musician has publicly declared he joined illuminati when he was 23 years old. Magix Enga as the stage name said that during an interview with one of the local online media channels. The musician said every time he prays, a portion of his wealth is taken and luxurious lifestyle reduced. He was introduced to illuminati by a lady with a white origin and she connected him to the flamboyant American DJ DJ Khaled.

When I pray I lose property - Kenyan Musician says after joining Illuminati
Photo Courtesy : DJ Khaled(Instagram)

Magix Enga says “Kuna dem fulani Mzungu alikam. Tukahave meeting pale Ngong Road. Akaanza kuniambia,”Mbona uko hapa? You are a great musician and producer. Ninaweza kukulink na big musicians wenye wamepitia kwangu na wakawa successful.” Alipigia DJ Khaled and tukaongea. Akaniambia mambo inawezakuwa poa kwako in the next two months ukitaka. “I did whatever I did, hakuna sacrifice ya mtu yeyote. Nilibuy gari ya kwanza, ya pili, ya tatu. Nilikuwa na pesa. Nikaanza kupiga sherehe sana. Nilipoanza kuomba, nikafanya accident Thika Road. Tangu hiyo time, mambo haijakuwa poa. Nikizidi kuomba, kitu moja inaenda. Sasa nimeokoka. Illuminati is real and people should stop joking with it,” he added.

When I pray I lose property - Kenyan Musician says after joining Illuminati
Photo Instagram : Magix Enga

The top local artist Magix Enga confessed that he joined illuminati and bought his first car. He linked his success in the music industry to illuminati. He also revealed that many artists here in Kenya are in illuminati and gave a piece of advice to avoid playing with their lives. Illuminati is real and people should stop joking about it, Magix Enga says. Magix also noted that he never sacrificed anything or anybody but he is born again and saved now. His music studio was doing well and produced the best songs for artist who are doing well out there but it closed down immediately he got saved.

Before he became famous, he used to stay with KRG The Don and the hustles there wasn’t getting well. A lady with white origin linked him to American DJ Khaled and he was told that he can be successful within one or two months if he likes. He accepted to get into illuminati and got involved in an accident along Thika road when he started praying. American rapper Rick Ross reached out to him and talked to him about the same and meeting when he visited Kenya. Magix Enga actually showed a conversation between him and Rick Ross and explain the rituals that are being done. He says they pierced you with a knife and take blood from you, he got a scar where he was pierced. The time Rick Ross visited Kenya is when he met with Magix Enga.

Photo Courtesy : Richforever

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